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LED Display Professional Terminology

What is pixel?

Pixel is the smallest unit of LED display, with the same meaning as computer monitor.

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is the central distance from two pixel dots.

What is LED module?

It is composed of several display pixels, independent on structure, to form the smallest unit of LED display.

What is DIP?

DIP is abbreviation of double In-line package, is a way of packing for the LED chip. DIP LED is usually used for outdoor LED display.

What is SMT, what is SMD?

SMT is abbreviation of Surface Mounted Device, is a way of LED chip packing; SMD is abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices. SMD LED is usually used for indoor or outdoor LED display.

What is DIP LED module?

DIP means foot of DIP that is mounted through PCB, and then soldered its tin into the LED lamp hole. Module made by such technology is DIP LED Module. Its advantages are high brightness, good heat dissipation; disadvantages are pixel density is not high, image effect is not as vivid as SMD types.

What is SMT LED module?

SMT means mounting the SMD LEDs onto the PCB board, no foot gets through the PCB. Module made by such technology is SMT LED Module. Its advantages are: vivid image effects, higher density. Comparing with DIP types, it is suitable for indoor outdoor application.  Disadvantages are brightness is as high as DIP and heat dissipation is not as good as DIP ones.

What is SMD 3IN1?

SMD 3IN1 means to put RGB 3 kinds of LED chips into one SMD LED and arrange them side by side in certain distance.

What is luminance/brightness?

It’s the intensity of emitting light from unit area of LED display, the unit is nit /sq.m, In another saying is that one intensity emitting produces from one square meter of LED display.

What is brightness level?

Means grade of manual adjustment or automatic adjustment from lowest brightness to highest brightness.

What is grey level?

Means at the same brightness level, the processing grade of LED display from the darkest to brightest.

What is highest brightness?

That means at the same illuminance, the brightness and grey at highest level of each basic color of LED display.

What is PCB?

Abbreviation of Printed circuit board.

What is BOM?

Abbreviation of Bill of Material.

What is white balance?

White balance, means balance of white color, the brightness balance of RGB 3 colors; the brightness ratio of RGB 3 kinds of color and white coordinates adjustment.

What is contrast ratio?

Under the certain environment illumination, the ratio of maximum brightness and background brightness of LED display.

What is color temperature?

The color of light emission is the same as light radiation of black body at certain temperature, then the temperature of the blackbody is referred to the color temperature of the light source.

What is frame frequency?

The updating frequency of LED display images in unit time.

What is refresh frequency?

The repeated displaying frequency of LED display images in unit time.



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