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HD LED video wall has been ushered in the market outbreak.

In recent years, with the LED display manufacturers significantly enhancing the technology and unit costs of a substantial decline, LED display applications show explosive development trend. In particular, small spacing LED screen, after two or three years of brewing bedding, has been ushered in the outbreak period.

At present, the application of the HD LED video wall (LED small pitch screen) can not only meet the large conference center, cinema, office and other public places of service for high-end large-screen TV needs, but also in the military, public safety, energy, transportation, broadcasting and other specific industries. There is a hugely potential demand which is expected to appear an explosive growth for the product sales in the future. Small pitch LED in the domestic market, government agencies, military security, radio and television studio, video conferencing and other fields have set a number of benchmarking cases, to show the industry a complete mosaic wall seamless solution to a certain extent, to dispel them Of procurement encouragement; In addition, there are from the policy support: part of the government procurement directory has been canceled DLP products.

And the overseas market has been given practical action to the full acceptance of small pitch LED. In Europe and the United States, some of the integrators have put the application of small pitch products made by China in the studio, shopping centers, stadiums and other places.

Continued expansion of market size thanks to LED display applications in the large-screen clarity, machine reliability and process aspects of continuous improvement and improvement, especially in the small pitch display technology, the rapid development. In recent years, domestic small-pitch LED display product development breakthrough, the small pitch LED display product point spacing in a short span of a few years to achieve a triple jump, from 3.0 mm dots further reduced to 2.5 mm, 1.9 mm and 1.6 Mm, and some companies have even launched the world's first smallest 1.2 mm micro-pitch LED TV panel. "This high-resolution, large-size LED display large-scale commercial applications to create the technical conditions.

The future of real LED panel TV products will also be expected in the large-screen high-end TV market to gradually replace the current LED-backlit LCD TV, a TV in the history of the third generation of mainstream display technology. "An industry source said.

LED display manufacturers first appeared in the late 80s of last century, because of its long life, environmental adaptability, cost-effective features quickly in large-screen display areas are widely used especially in the field of large-screen outdoor display is almost the only option. So far no one can shake the dominant position.

However, the industry sources said that from the current product technology and application market, LED technology applications in the big screen display market advantage is more prominent, especially in airports, railway stations, banks and other public places in the display and high-end home theater and other fields.



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