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How to choose the LED display screen size?

First, you need to confirm what is mainly played on the LED display screen you want?

If it is only for displaying message or text, single or double color LED display sign is perfect. Of course, you can choose any size as you wish. But if it is for playing pictures, videos or animations, full color LED screen is a must. A full color LED display screen usually requires at least 50,000 pixels in order to produce good effects. So we need to calculate the total pixel then.

Take P10 outdoor full color LED display as an example, the pixel per square meter for P10mm is 10,000 dots. So, five square meters (50,000/10,000 =5) is the smallest to go. The bigger, the better. However, it’s the best as long as it can meet your needs.

Perhaps you might ask, why can’t you provide the same size as I want? Because the LED display module size is basically fixed. It can’t be changed. And the LED display screen is assembled by LED modules. Therefore, the only way we can do is to offer customers the closest size based on the required one.

For example: you want to buy a 4M x 3M P10 outdoor DIP full color LED screen. The LED module size of P10mm is 160mm x 160mm. According to this, we will design 4PCS (length) x 3PCS (width) =12 cabinets/panels. Each LED cabinet/panel size is 0.96M (L) x 0.96M (W). So, the final size is 3.84M x 2.88M=11.06Sq.m.

We are always glad to help you figure it out if this is troublesome.



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