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How to choose the type of LED display screen?

First: you need to know where you will install the LED screen. Indoor or outdoor? Fixed, rental or mobile application?

If for outdoor LED display with fixed installation, we will use waterproof and dust proof cabinet made by cold rolled steel sheet to be able to withstand the most severe weather conditions.

If for rent, we will use highly precise die casting aluminium cabinet with light weight material and fast locking system for easy set up and tear down, and seamless connection between cabinets. Also, the display should be equipped with high refresh rate driver ICs enabling flicker free images for professional camera shooting.

If for mobile LED display, we will use special cabinet plus the trailer or truck with the complete set of system.

Second: you need to confirm what will you mainly play on the LED screen? If for displaying message or text, single or double color LED sign is perfect. But if for image, video or animation, then full color LED display is a must.

Third: the viewing distance is also another factor in choosing the right type of an LED display, from LED display products and how to estimate the best viewing distance, it will help you better understand what you need for your own LED screen.



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