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How to prevent moisture for indoor LED display?

Indoor air humidity is relatively low as compared outdoor environment. Indoor LED display is also a lot easier in dust-proof than the outdoor display.

In order to avoid the indoor air humidity which would cause failure for the LED screen, we can use the following measures to prevent moisture.

1. Keep appropriate ventilation, because the amount of ventilation can effectively and quickly help evaporate the water vapor that is attached to the appearance of the screen to reduce relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, we must avoid air ventilation in the relatively humid air, which is not effective but would also increase the indoor humidity.

2. Put some desiccant in the room, remove the moisture inside the air with the physical method and reduce the moisture content inside the air. When it gets dry, there is no worry about the LED display being damp.

3. Turning on the air-conditioner can also take away moisture. If the LED display is equipped with air conditioning, we can turn it on to dehumidify in humid weather.



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