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Front Service LED Display Sign

Front Service LED Display Sign

  • Product description: Front service LED display sign also refers to front access, front opening or front maintenance LED display. Dual maintenance on back and front is also available at our factory.
Geared with hydraulic devices, front access led display screen sign panel allows the flexibility of maintenance service on its up front side, where there is no room on the back side. It is mainly designed for those small size screens displaying text or graphics based programs. For safety purpose, the maximum height of every single panel is no bigger than 2M and 3M for the length. And steel material is strongly recommend. There is also no limit for a LED screen board with front acess module which is called dual maintenance on both back and front sides of LED sign panel.


- Easy installation and less maintenance
- Stable performance and great heat dissipation
- Low Power consumption and long life span
- IP65/54 protection rating to perfectly work in all weather conditions
- Synchronous control with PC or asynchronous mode without PC for small size screens
- Brightness is adjustable manually or automatically against to light changing.
- All programs can be digitally edited and played in a loop automatically on the timetable.
- Compatible with all kinds of signal inputs via led video processor (VGA, HDMI, SDI, DVD, TV, etc)
- Can be controlled and monitored with camera at any time & anywhere via internet access.
- Online detecting and fault informing is optional with monitored card.

- Supports all windows operation systems--XP,7/8,Vista for its software

LINSN LED PRO provides a full range of pixel pitches for indoor SMD or outdoor DIP and SMD front service LED display screen sign such as P1.9mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm,P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm, P20mm, etc. For more information, please go to front service LED screen.




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