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  • Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

  • Stadium Perimeter LED Display
  • Application: outdoor & indoor
  • Cabinet Design: custom made
  • Controller: LINSN or others
  • Product description: Perimeter LED display panels are widely placed at various indoor and outdoor sports stadiums serving for games such as football, basketball, tennis ball,badminton,track and field,etc.

Geared with aluminum material, flexible bracket, soft shields/masks, protection hat, reinforced hanging structure, handles and easy locking system, the rugged and IP65/54 rated LED display hybrid panels can easily transform from perimeter to normal video wall, which is a perfect fit for rentals that cater to all kinds of events and not just sports. It is known as one screen with multiple uses.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display Features:

- Ultra high definition: above 10,000pixels/sqm;

- Light weight with aluminum material, easy setup and transportation;

- Adopts outdoor SMD3535 technology enabling wide viewing angle and high brightness;

- IP65/54 protection rating to well work in various weather conditions;

- Equipped with soft masks/shields and rubber hat to protect the LEDs and safeguard athletes from hitting;

- The display angle is up and down adjustable as needed with the flexible bracket;

- With optical fiber cable, it can greatly reduce signal delay caused by transmission distance;

- Adopts Swiss Neutrik connectors to ensure of high stability for the power and signal transmission.

LINSN LED PRO provides a full range of pixel pitches for indoor and outdoor DIP or SMD stadium LED display screen such as P1.2mm, P1.92mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.91mm, P4mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, P12mm, P16mm, P20mm, etc. For more information, please go to Outdoor Rental LED Display, Indoor Rental LED Display or HD LED Video Wall.




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