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  • Curtain LED Display
Curtain LED Display

Curtain LED Display

  • Curtain LED Display
  • Application: outdoor & indoor
  • Transprency≥80%
  • Controller: LINSN or others
  • Product description: LED curtain display also refers to LED mesh screen, transparent LED display with see through effects, which is mainly used as stage backgrounds for various indoor and outdoor applications.
LED curtain display panels are designed with light weight and quick installation in mind for staging and rental markets. The setup time is significantly reduced and one to two technicians can safely install the panels on his own.They are ideally suited for places such as discos, stages, shopping centers or other applications where comparatively abstract images and see -through effects are highly required.

Equipped with SMD technology besides DIP, outdoor LED curtain display panels are made for frequent handling and ready to perform in harsh environments at both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the light weight and quick installation, it allows users to easily build up large dynamic video walls or backdrops with superb image quality for different kinds of stages, no matter straight or curved shape, as well as side screens on trusses. Furthermore, it's also a perfect choice for building applications with limited weight. Curtain LED display is commonly known as strip led curtain, mesh led curtain, soft led curtain and flexible led curtain, etc.

LINSN LED PRO provides a full range of pixel pitches for outdoor DIP and SMD curtain LED display screen panels such as P5.9mm, P8.9mm, P10.41mm, P12.5mm, P16.5mm, P18.75mm, P20mm, etc. For more information, please go to LED curtain display.




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