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  • P1.56mm Indoor HD LED Video Wall Cabinet
  • P1.56mm Indoor HD LED Video Wall Cabinet
P1.56mm Indoor HD LED Video Wall CabinetP1.56mm Indoor HD LED Video Wall Cabinet

P1.56mm Indoor HD LED Video Wall Cabinet

  • HD LED Video Wall
  • Application: Indoor
  • Pixels: 409,600 dots/sq.m
  • Refresh Rate ≥1,920Hz
  • Product description: P1.56mm indoor HD LED video wall cabinet is an ultra high-resolution, small pixel pitch LED display TV. P1.56 not only suits the needs of traditional LED tile markets, but is also perfect for control

P1.56mm Indoor HD LED Video Wall Cabinet

P1.56mm indoor HD LED video wall cabinet excels in reliability, quality and easy maintenance. Furthermore, its speedy setup time, minimal wiring, reduced tweaking and easy serviceability. P1.56mm LED video wall is the ideal solution for any indoor high end LED display application.


Strong stability: adopts high-quality components and sophisticated processing technology, effectively reduce the death rate. Power supply signal dual backup system to ensure long-term stable operation, support 7 * 24 hours of work.

High refresh rate: No stripes for HD camera shooting

Low light high gray: can still show the perfect gray scale performance when brightness down to 20%. Low brightness display is close perfect gray scale, the display effect is more vivid than traditional display screen.

Good consistency: high-intensity structure of fine-tuning technology to achieve the entire screen seamless stitching. By fine-tuning, eliminate bright lines. Point-by-point calibration technology to keep the entire screen brightness and color in excellent uniformity.

High contrast: high-quality black LED and ripple black sub-black mask, the image is clear and sharp, colors are bright.

Low reflection: adopts black matte lights and corrugated absorber mask, in light environment , there issmall reflection on the screen and it is still clearly visible.

Intelligent brightness adjustment: automatically adapt to light-sensitive adjustment equipment, will not affect the display screen due to ambient light. Almost no loss of gray in 50~ 800 nit brightness .

Ultra-wide viewing angle: LED screen body angle has 160 °/160 °, the angle of the screen is evenly clear and natural.


1 Pixel pitch
2 Pixel density
409,600 pixels/sq.m
3 Pixel configuration
1R1G1B, SMD1010, 3in1
4 LED module size (L*H)
5 LED module resolution
128*96 pixels
6 LED cabinet size (L*H*D)
7 LED cabinet resolution
256*192 pixels
8 LED video wall cabinet weight
9 LED video wall cabinet material
Diecasting aluminum
10 Brightness
≥1,000 nits/sq.m
11 Driving method
1/32 scan
12 Viewing angle
≥145°H /145°V
13 Best viewing distance
14 Refresh rate
15 Grey scale
≥4,096 levels
16 Display colors
17 Power consumption
Max.:720W/sq.m, Avg.: 288W/sq.m
18 Input voltage
110~230V/AC (±10%)
19 Input power frequency
50/ 60Hz
20 IP rating (front/rear)
21 Operating environment
Temperature: -20°C~+50°C, Humidity: 10%~95%
22 Storage environment
Temperature:-40-50°C, Humidity: 10-90%
23 Life span (50% brightness)
≥75,000 hours
24 Control system
LINSN or other popular control systems
25 Transmission distance
Multi mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30Km, internet cable <100m
26 Operating system
Windows XP/Win7//8/Vista

Video input/with video processor:


28 Compliant standard