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  • LINSN RV908T RGB LED Screen Receiving Card

    LINSN RV908T receiver is the updated version of RV908 series. RV908T is equipped with 12 HUB75 of 16P interfaces on board, no need for extra HUB card. It can support 1024 x 256 pixels.

  • LINSN RV908H HUB75 LED Receiving Card

    LINSN RV908H LED receiving card is the updated version of RV908. Geared with HUB75 ports, it is designed specifically for the LED display manufacturers with standardization.

  • LINSN RV908M HD LED Video Wall Receiver Card

    LINSN RV908M is designed for manufacturers with standardized products in free adapter board. RV908M is fully compatible with RV901 features, same size, equivalent to the RV901 plus HUB75 board (suppor