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  • LINSN DS801 LED Sign Board Sending Card
  • LINSN DS801 LED Sign Board Sending Card
LINSN DS801 LED Sign Board Sending CardLINSN DS801 LED Sign Board Sending Card

LINSN DS801 LED Sign Board Sending Card

  • Model: LINSN DS801
  • Used for Single/Dual Color
  • Been Replaced By DS802
  • Can Be Ordered Online
  • Product description: LINSN DS801 sending card is designed for single/double color LED display sign board with synchronous control. DS801 supports resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. It has dual-cable hot backup and program

LINSN DS801 LED Sign Board Sending Card

LINSN DS801/DS801D is specially designed for single or double color led display sign board with synchronous control mode. Now the DS801 sending card is being replaced by DS802/DS802D. The function is the same. Please order accordingly.


1. Point by point correction by card (box) correction:

Point by point correction to support a single point, 2 * 2 point, 4 * 4 and 8 * 8-point four correction mode, the maximum correction of 6144 points / module, red, green and blue 256. By card (box) correction is used to display the various inter-tile color correction, red, green and blue 256.

2. Smart identification card function:

The intelligent identification program can identify the two-color, full-color, virtual lighting and other various driver board a variety of scanning and a variety of signals toward the recognition rate of 99%, a card in hand, to do the screen worry.
65536 (64K) grayscale any setting:
The customer may never display grayscale to 65536 (64K) adjust the gray, so your display to achieve the best effect.

3. Arbitrarily set the refresh rate, phase locking, synchronization function

The refresh rate from 10Hz-3000Hz arbitrarily set the refresh rate lock-in feature allows the display refresh locked to an integer multiple of the computer monitor refresh rate to eliminate image tearing to ensure that the image perfect reproduction. Phase-locked range of 47Hz-76Hz.
Double large load area
4096 (4K), full-color grayscale 180Hz refresh rate, the maximum with a 512 * 128, is the sixth generation of the product 256 * 128 twice, full-color static 16384 (16k) grayscale 300Hz, with a 160 * 64 the sixth generation of 80 * 64 twice. (Note: the driver board on the high clock 30MHz)

4. Dual-cable hot backup function
Receiver card A, B, two-port can be used as input or output ports, two computers can be used to simultaneously control a screen when a computer problem, another computer to automatically take over a computer network can also be used control line, when a cable problem, and the other a cable automatically take over, so that the display of the normal work to be given maximum protection.

3. Multi-screen synchronization and composition of functions:
To support a control send a card with multiple screens can be any combination of the working status of the multi-block-screen synchronized display, independent play, etc. through shortcut keys to quickly switch.
256 automatically adjust the brightness
256 automatic brightness adjustment feature lets you display brightness adjustment is more effective.

4. Program online upgrading feature:
If the display card receiving procedures need to upgrade, simply open the power of large screen LED Studio can upgrade process, do not need to receive the card demolition away from the big screen can be upgraded.
To break through the traditional concept of the DIP switch
DIP switch design, all settings are set via the computer.

5. Test function:
Receiver card integration test, then do not send cards to test the display, slash, gray, red, green, blue, full brightness, etc. a variety of test mode.

4. Long transmission distance:
Transmission up to 170 meters (measured) to ensure the transmission of 140 meters.
Supporting software
LED Studio 5.0